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Nexus committees

Drinks Committee

Although Nexus is a study association, there is also plenty of room for socializing. Every month there is a get-together where fellow students come together to enjoy a drink. These drinks are all organized by the drinks committee. So if you like to make sure your fellow students have a good time and if you think you can organize the best get-togethers, please sign up for the drinks committee!

Events Committee

Besides the drinks there are also bigger events, for example a company night where students can get in contact with companies to orientate about what they can do later. And this is just one example, there is much more possible. So if you are ready for a bigger challenge, sign up for the events committee!

Comercial Companies Committee

To pay for all the fun drinks we need to bring in some money. The commercial companies committee helps with this. The task of this committee is to look for companies that are interesting for our study and that can help our students in their further career. So if you are looking for a more serious committee but one that’s very important for the association, sign up now!


As we are (partly) studying IT, the IT-committee is a must. Have you ever looked at the Nexus site? This site has been completely created by Nexus members themselves! So if you are interested in the IT-side of Nexus, or would like to learn more about it, sign up for the IT-committee!

Media Committee

It is important that (new) members and companies get a good picture of the association. We do this by showing a lot on our social media and in the monthly mail we always look back at the fun events of the past month. So if you like taking pictures and are full of ideas on how Nexus can show itself to its members in a fun way, sign up for this committee!

Interested in one of these committees?