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Enter a partnership as an organization

Nexus represents a number of students following the Computer Science & Economics, and the ICT in Business and the Public Sector tracks. These tracks are part of Leiden University. These are students that possess knowledge about IT, the economy, and how IT is used within organizations. If this type of knowledge is interesting for your company, you can enter a partnership with Nexus in order to reach the students. With a partnership, you are able to organize events which involve these students, so they can get to know your company and what it stands for.

What are the possibilities?

In-house day

During an in-house day, Nexus will head over to a company's office building. Once there, the company will provide the students with a tour through their office and interactive lectures.

Business dinner

During a business dinner, students will get the opportunity to talk with companies. This way they can learn more about the company and their career that lies ahead.


During a workshop, an organization will teach students a new skill or how to use a certain technology. This also provides a chance for the company to introduce themselves to the student.

Social Drinks

During a social drink, lots of Nexus members gather in one place to get to know each other. This is a great opportunity to expand your network and meet great people.

Other events

Nexus also hosts other types of events, such as pub crawls and committee-trips. During these events a lot of Nexus members gather to have fun and get to know each other.

Social media and website

Nexus is active on various social media platforms! These include Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Also our website features important and up-to-date information.

Interested in a partnership?

What are the opportunities?

Meet your future employees and get in touch with promising students.

Represent your company at events or during in-house days.

Add the precense of your company to our website and channels.

Contact the Nexus board