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Where is the page with vacancies? We do not have it! To give you an idea of side-jobs we can actually find you, we would love to share some awesome stories. Tristan, Take and Gijs will take you through their experience.

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Reference Tristen: Onboarding Specialist at New10

Tristen works 2 days a week @New10 next to his Masters in Computational Science.

“Last summer I decided I wanted to gain more experience in business. Exactly at that moment, I was approached by Studentflex. Normally you prepare yourself for a job interview in a substantive way and in terms of capabilities, but at Studentflex it was more on a personal level. I was positively surprised by this.

I have been working as an Onboarding Specialist at New10 for almost a year now. New10 is exactly the kind of company I was looking for: an open culture without a clear hierarchy. There is a lot of room to pick up projects and set something up yourself. This job helps me further in ways that I missed out on when I was a student.”

Tristen is also taking part in the talent development program of High Potential Academy (the sistercompany of Studentflex).

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 Reference Take: Screening Operations at Adyen

Take works 2 days a week @Adyen next to his Bachelors in Social Science.

“I was looking for a challenging side job and a friend recommended Studentflex to me. What I particularly enjoyed about Studentflex, was the support, the relaxed atmosphere and the approachability during the interviews and telephone conversations.

Currently, I’m working as Screening Operations and I mainly check payment details. At our daily meetings, and in general, our feedback is often requested and our own initiatives are highly appreciated. I notice that due to the open culture at Adyen, I express myself more quickly about things and that this is also encouraged: this gives willpower and self-confidence!”

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Reference Mahima: RPA Developer at Ciphix

Mahima works 2 a 3 days a week @Ciphix next to her Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering

“I particularly liked the face-to-face meeting, where you start talking about who you are and what your goals are. It takes some of the pressure off of applying to jobs. You can just be yourself and, based on that, you are matched to a company that suits you well.

I was subsequently hired for the Support Team at Ciphix and I like it a lot! It is presented as a student job, but it is definitely more than that. You have a lot of responsibility, you can try out new things and also take initiative in this. Personal development is also important at Ciphix. I did a very technical study, in which the use of soft skills were lacking for me. At Ciphix I am challenged by both”

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